Samstag, 13. Dezember 2008

101.bois and dykes.

"Bois and Dykes is a long-term documentary series that examines the concept of ‘feminine masculinity’ by visually telling the stories of people who live within a spectrum of identities ranging from dyke and butch, to tomboy, aggressive, and transgender."

I discovered this interesting series from Sophia Wallace a few weeks ago.
And I must admit: It´s calm and meaningful..honest.
Especially the comments below the picture of Sophias homepage.
It´s a controversial theme, not only in the United it´s important that there are people who wants to explain.

all pics: s.wallace


naboonies hat gesagt…

this is interesting! where can i get the documentary clips on the net?

lilienblaueleuchtreklame hat gesagt…

You only have to click on "homepage" in the article =)

Frauenzimmer hat gesagt…

love the pictures. looks kinda like a glu story, doen't it?

Sophia Wallace hat gesagt…

Thanks for the feedback! Please check out my news series, TRUER.

Truer is an autobiographical love story. The title is aimed at challenging the idea of a singular truth regarding love, sexuality, and gender. This body of work was inspired by the resplendence of an unfolding relationship. Through photographs of intensely private moments both joyful and in conflict, Truer seeks to engage the viewer in questioning pervasive visual depictions of truth in love, gender norms, and feminine beauty. Truer situates itself within a largely unseen history of photography of lesbian lives by lesbian photographers.