Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2008

extreme. but what is extrem.

This is an editorial from Mario Testino for the V Man Magazine.
After I looked at them for the first time, I thought: Okay, nothing special.
Nothing special, because in the fashion industry you will always have such a diversity of appereances and characters. And nothing special, because Testino plays with stereotypes you are able to find in the fashion business.
But sometimes it´s the detail you should consider. So it´s not always the way you look which makes you interesting. It´s your internal captivation or your positive aura. And with these different ways to depict masculinity Testino shows not only the diversity but also the different ways to express the feeling you have to break free from a "stigmatized" world you are not really belong to.
And that´s why it is worth to be seen...

by v men


naboonies hat gesagt…

Testino's shots are worth a million! love them!

SOS! hat gesagt…

I love the tattoo shot in the second photo..He's amazing.
xx- LJ from SOS!